Choosing the big day

We have so many significant dates in our relationship. We became boyfriend-girlfriend when we were in 3rd year of high school, March 22, 2001.  But its was a young love, we were 15-16 years old then, foolish, selfish and self-centered so it didn’t last and unfortunately we broke up. But like fate always does, we met in May 6,2006 (a day after I graduated in college), we were 19-20 years old, talked, and saw the sparks and knew that love for each other is still there so we decided to try to work and this time seriously and with commitment,  got back together in the same year, June 11, 2006.

And after past decade, we are now 30-31 years old, and so we’re finally getting married!!! Yehey!

We thought that choosing the date is easy, we can  just use our ‘original’ anniversary date or just choose one of our birth months but with the Filipino ways, you have to consider everyone’s availability. Like EVERYONE – your titas and titos (here and abroad), your friends and colleagues.  And then you consider what day it will fall…

We, (should I say that) I initially chose May 22, 2017 to be OUR BIG DAY, it’s a Monday and school summer breaks. I chose and justify this to Chubbs that, I combined our two fated days (see above) and he agree. I rushed to book the church and event place so we can have our mind free of stress on this two important areas and everything was easy-breezy. But due to circumstances, after going around talking to relatives and hear their feedback and availability, May 22 is not workable. Huhuhu! And so our stress-level heightened, we tried to be amendable and considerable as possible and then we also tried to be stubborn and still push our date regardless if they will come or not as this is OUR event and not theirs. But of course, being nice sometimes hurt, we have to change the date.

Having to check AGAIN churches and venues are dragging, and with the tight budget like ours, having your event on a weekday is cheaper than a weekend. only your closest will come as it will also be a test of love and friendship (joke lang!).

We consider June as our day, but I don’t want to be a June bride so I asked Chubbs if we can do it on last Saturday of May (para di talaga mapunta sa June kasi late na masydo ang July). he told me if you find an available church and then we can change the date, but still hold the May 22 for a back-up date. And so the stress of choosing our wedding date begins…


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