More Photos Please, Kuya Papicture naman kami!

I’m ambivert type of person but when there are cameras, lumalabas ang pagiging introvert ko. Di nga ako nagseselfie eh. Maybe its the inferiority complex  or just  I’m not photogenic (I’m jealous to girls who are). And so when I’m talking with Photo and Video Suppliers, I always tell them that we will not be having any pre-nuptial. This is eliminating another area that can stress me during preparation and since we are working on a budget, if there’s unnecessary thing, I’ll try to negotiate so the price will be lowered or they can give me discounts and some other freebies. Also, I didn’t want a Pre-nuptial and as Chubbs, o well as he always does, (to avoid petty arguments hahaha), he is just going with the flow with me. Kung saan daw ako masaya! hahaha!

Back to suppliers, I’ve checked some that within of our kuripot  budget, please see below:



facebook page:

Price range: 40,000 – 60,000


facebook page:

Price range: 50,000 – 60,000 ++

♥Supplier #3: Byron Hipolito


Price range: 40,000 – 80,000

Supplier #4: Bliss Photography


Price range: 16,000 – 75,000

Photos and videos are subjective so I added their facebook links and website for you to look into and judge accordingly. 






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