Bridezilla or Bridechilla (to be or not to be) 👰🏻

We have decided last January 2017 to tie the knot this May of the same year, and we had at least 4.5months to finalize budget, seek suppliers and have our invites and guests and so on and so forth. Nope, I’m not pregnant, and nope, this was not a shotgun wedding.  So okay, when planning, I check my capacity If I can do it myself or do I need to seek help of the Professional coordinators. You see, 

I have some knowledge on organizing on events and I am very confident that I can manage it on my own. And since I am somehow a perfectionist and wants to control everything, I had a fair share of being control-freak organizer, so when we are in the stage of choosing suppliers for our special day, I had committed that I will try to be with the best of my ability to be a Bridechilla! Yes! You read it right, not a bridezilla. I pledged to look for 1-2 suppliers and choose based on our budget and quality of their work and services. That if they already quote and fit within our allocated budget, suit our taste, and then no more looking for another 2-3 suppliers. For me, as we are looking, I had decided that less suppliers to choose from, less hassle, easier decision. And it really works. Almost all of our suppliers and even our coordinator were easy to talk to, effortless on coordination, easy to work to, deliver 100%, punctual, hassle free and budget friendly! (Will post separately).

 And this is why I proclaimed that I was a Bridechilla! Yebah!


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